I feel very grateful for the help I received yesterday from the amazing team at the 401 Dixie Mazda, Mutee Salama and Ishan Rehal. We also had the pleasure of meeting a very helpful and funny Noman Khan. Thank you for helping me and my brother with a purchase of Mazda CX-5 (super happy!)! Yes - we bought the same cars, again - just this time, not on the same day and not the same colour!  I should also mention, my brother's girlfriend is a happy owner of a new Mazda 3 Sport. We are part of Mazda family now!  Thank you again for your wonderful help - much appreciated!!!

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Zoom Zoom
The deal was great and the service was great. We are enjoying getting the Zoom Zoom experience in our new CX5. Read more
Highly recommend
Just purchased a brand new Mazda3 sport. Great buying experience dealing with Mutee, Ishan and Osman. They were knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Highly recommend! Read more
Excellent Service
Just purchased a brand new 2018 Mazda CX-9 and once again 401 Dixie Mazda shows top notch and excellent customer service (purchased a brand new Mazda 3 back in 2016 with them as well) both experiences were great. They have excellent customer service from the very first moment you walk in the... Read more
The Opposite of Stressful
Buying a car is stressful. It involves a lot of money, paperwork, and a lot of sifting through garbage information online. On top of that, when you go to car dealerships the salespeople are so pushy and rude. It causes your stress level to increase exponentially. 401 Dixie Mazda was the opposite.... Read more
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